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Download apps for the Nokia Asha These apps are free to download and install. The free apps support java jar mobiles or smartphones and will work on your Nokia Asha Scroll down to download these free apps for your Asha by Nokia and utilize them for your best productivity. Software Update is available for Nokia Asha which brings a whole set of goodies along with the support for WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp for Nokia Asha brings the most popular instant messaging service that exist today in the market, a very simple but very efficient mobile phone. The Nokia Asha will always keep you in touch, further provide other benefits, in the most economical way.. Between the technical features of Nokia Asha we find with a 3-inch touchscreen with QVGA resolution, which is also Author: Wasap.

Software Update for Asha Available Now - Update Guide

Asha users have surely had a hard time in the past months as they were provided with a half baked firmware which lacked lots of features which were available in old Asha S40 since ages.

The long wait finally comes to an end as a new and highly improved software is now being pushed towards the Asha users. Out of all the new features, the biggest one is support for WhatsApp. Guess this will finally calm thousands of Asha owners who kept on waiting for Asha 501 applications download for over 3 months already. As about numbers, the new software rests at version This is a big pump from the previous Besides WhatsApp, the update offers lots of other goodies as well.

Find most of them below. These are the official release notes provided by Nokia. S: If no notification comes, the update might not be available for your phone yet. Try again on the next day. If the update does not show up in your phone, you can use this alternative method to update your Asha via your PC.

Email me when somebody replies to asha 501 applications download comment, asha 501 applications download. Im using asha when i turn on wifi the wifi network not showing and when i turnoff its taking loong time, asha 501 applications download. I want my original software how can I get? After resetting whatsapp is not installing again i have tried to download from other sources its not downloading please help me sir., asha 501 applications download.

WhatsApp for Nokia feature phones is being discontinued. Hello sir. So how to resolve this problem please help me sir… Thinking asha 501 applications download sir…. I install watsapp it opened i type my mobile no then click ok they said to download certificate i downlod it but it still note working why? How can I update my phone when some of my tools application like ,setting ,caller key pad are missing and gone from my phone?

How can i update using my phone if all my tools application like gallery, music player, camera, file manager even setting are missing and gone from my phone? How can i install all of it back without using PC because i dont have any computer at home.

Can u help me with that? How to solve my big problem? Reply me as soon as u can. Thank u so much. Sir mere mobile me keval music mix aur music store open karne par something wrong likh kar aata hai aur khatam ho jata. Sir koi apps open karte h to something went wrong dikhata h or app close ho jaati h to batao kya kare. Sir, mere phone me whatsapp nhi chl ra h or or usme koi bhi new software update nhi hota h … Please help me sir. How do i watch online youtube videos in my nokia aaha with opera mini pls suggest some others website if there is any.

My nokia asha set i have delete all certificate in use whatapp, naws hunt,uc browser e. So my hand set no support all files. How can I get the certificate back. I have a problem with the twitter app. Wifi is on, Facebook and Opera Mini browser connects just fine, I already have deleted cookies and cache. However when I fire up the twitter app to login, asha 501 applications download.

Why so?? I lost my internet browser of nokia in that place opera mini is their so how to change it nokia asha browser?? My asha use to show software updates automatically,when available,but it suddenly stopped.

There are no new software updates available for the Asha It is either a corrupt firmware or hardware failure, asha 501 applications download. If you update using PC, everything will be deleted. I have been having a difficulty trying to create a back up for my phone, I have a Nokia Asha dual and an eight GB memory card but now my phone memory is very low and I always get a reminder to create more space for the phone.

Please help, what must I do? But problem is i lost my certificates and it wont install applications such as facebook. It has the worst browser, it auto answers calls, and it no longer has the store in it. Please help. You need to get your phone refurbished, asha 501 applications download. They only fix the phone stability issues with the software updates. The things might change for newer phones, but forI guess it has already completed its support cycle.

Encountered one annoying problem though — deletion of all album covers I saved except for the ones that phone recognized by itself from start. I would just bring them back, but whenever I try, my Asha stops recognizing those songs altogether.

Is date and time on your phone set correctly? Usually that is the cause as certificates are only valid for a short duration. There is a problem wifi that appeared after update. Not always but often phone freeze up for a minute of so when trying to connect my home wifi point.

Despite that last update makes better. I just came across an interesting change in Phone Lock in I stumbled upon this while i reset my phone to factory setting having a phone secutiy code active. The default length of the password has changed from 5 digits to 6 digits! Also the code delay duration after screen is switched off options has been updated with min 5 min minimum.

After the update to Are other facing the same issue. Double Tap was intentionally made harder, because the phone was waking up even when Music included a little bit of extra bass. Asha 501 applications download Notifications, yeah the problem persists, but no solutions, asha 501 applications download. Good that WhatsApp works fine, asha 501 applications download. Thanks for yor response admin, yeah the double tap need hard taps to wake up the phone- as a result less of waking up when in my pocket.

Got the issue of code change resolved automatically!! However, there is another problem. I cannot see any of my contacts in the phone. Even if I try to save a new contact, it shows as saved but then vanishes away when I reopen the contacts…. Pls help. Should be in that case. Or 6 times zeroes?

I think it uses the phone accelerometer to use this feature. Double tap was pretty sesnsitive and use to work well 2. Many times have to tap with more than 2 times hard Taps to wake up the phone 3. DOuble tap to wake up after using screen lock button- does not wake it up easily, asha 501 applications download.

Asha 501 applications download this hardware related fault which has crept up or asha 501 applications download related- seems diffcult to convince nokia care if this is related to hardware.

Nokia cleared in Discussions that this asha 501 applications download willingly made harder so as to make sure the phone does not wake up unnecessarily while in your pocket of while playing music. Yes it uses the accelerometer sensor to achieve this and hence makes it harder to control waking up happening due to movements other than double tapping on the screen. You can try posting in Nokia Discussions if there is enough voting for this, they might decide to increase the asha 501 applications download yet again hardly happens though.

Thanks for the quick response admin! I am relieved to know that this is not a hardware fault! Although i think it is implemented in LG G2. Alas, due to the changes in the sw version this is getting increasingly difficult to use!

Nokia should give a sensitivity setting for this i feel. But all of these are gimmicks and DT2W really is something cool. Nokia will at the most remove this feature instead of allowing the users to manually set the sensitivity. I updated my Nokia and now I have version I say yes or no, asha 501 applications download, but nothing happens.

Do you happen to know what could it be? Nice to see a well written article with comments in full english too! A welcome respite from the run of the mill websites. If this is a result of your moderation, great job! Is that a similar situation on the Asha lineup? Actually, its not because of the moderation.

I strive to approve each and every comment whether its a issue or a complaint about me too.


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asha 501 applications download


Software Update is available for Nokia Asha which brings a whole set of goodies along with the support for WhatsApp messenger. Download Whatsapp apps for the Nokia Asha These apps are free to download and install. The free Whatsapp apps support java jar mobiles or smartphones and will work on your Nokia Asha Scroll down to download these free apps for your Asha by . Nokia Asha Review: Free Nokia Asha software download. Nokia will not begin its new Asha Touch variety of reasonably priced smart-phones, such as the mobilephone exposed former nowadays, in the US or Canada, the business has complete, focusing North .