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Feel free to improve the article, but the article must not be blanked, and this notice must not be removed, until the discussion is closed. For more information, particularly on merging or moving the article during the discussion, read the guide to deletionApplication: Mobile SoC. Neken N5 Android Smartphone - Inch Display, MTK Quad Core GHz CPU, 8MP Rear + 2MP Front Cameras (Black)5/5(3). Neken N5 Is A Quad Core Android Phone The big boys in the phone market better take a step back because the Neken N5 is a new player that is entering the smartphone industry. Boasting quality specifications that are enough to threaten any competitor, the Neken N5 smartphone comes at a surprisingly low bargain price.4/5(2).

7 myths about quad-core phones (Smartphones Unlocked) - CNET

Smartphones with quad-core processors are always faster than dual-core processors, right? Only if you believe the myths. Open up your wallet today and there are no fewer than five smartphones you can buy running on quad-core processors.

After CES next month, expect the number of announced quad-core devices to double as the core neken n5 quad core smartphone continues to heat up. By summer, you may turn up your nose at perfectly fast devices running on dual-core chipsets, wondering if you should saddle yourself with something so "slow.

Maybe not. A tremendous amount of detailed architecture and circuitry go into processor chips, which can make understanding their exact effects on performance a serious undertaking for most. Note: If you could teach a class on processors, this article isn't for you. In the end, your smartphone's internal performance boils down to more than the number of cores, neken n5 quad core smartphone.

Instead, it depends on a delicate balance involving everything from your base chip and batteries to your operating system, and even on the people who code your favorite apps. The theory of multicore processors is this: if you can divvy up a task among more than one processor, neken n5 quad core smartphone, you can finish up faster. Roughly imagine it as an assembly line production: instead of having one person do everything on their own single coreyou can have each member of a team do their part and finish faster as neken n5 quad core smartphone whole multicore.

Beyond promising dramatically faster performance, quad-core chip-makers may also claim better battery life. Since each core works less hard to accomplish a task, it draws less power than if fewer cores strained with heavier workloads apiece. The higher the battery draw per core, the faster you drain your battery. In the neken n5 quad core smartphone world, that means your phone should get swifter thanks to the assembly line analogy, while depleting the battery slower.

In addition, screen resolution should look sharper, photos and apps will load faster, you can stream HD videos smoother, and you'll be able to play games like a demon. Sounds good, right? But the performance you get out of a chip isn't as simple as just piling on the cores.

Myth No. Chipmakers license the set of instructions and even the right to tweak these blueprint instructionsto integrate into their own final chip design. Differentiation comes two ways. ARM designs different chip models with different architectures -- like the A8, A9, and A15 chips -- each more capable than its predecessor. As a starting point, says Samsung's Neken n5 quad core smartphone DiCarlo, vice president of product planning, you have to compare the architecture of each chip when comparing SoCs.

A single-core A9 chip also called Cortex-A9 will dominate a single-core A8 chip, and so on. Modifications are a second way that chipmakers differentiate and fine-tune their product's performance. Nvidia's claim to fame is a lower-powered fifth core on its Tegra 3 quad-core processor, which handles low-power tasks like background app updates and has the ability to control how many cores run at a time.

The path to even better performance, neken n5 quad core smartphone, says Qualcomm's Raj Talluri, vice president of product management, is getting a license to custom-build a CPU core based on ARM's raw instruction set and managing everything from design of the entire ARM-based system to the final production. For its part, Nvidia bought licensing rights for ARM's faster A15 chip in and Tegra 4 rumors are already coming to light.

More rumors here. In the U. Performance could be similar across both devices, neken n5 quad core smartphone. All cores still must share a single battery and pool of memory. If the entire system is efficient more on that laterQualcomm's Talluri told me, you will see increased performance.

Just don't expect said performance to actually double when you migrate from a comparable dual-core chipset to its quad-core fellow. That's because no matter how many cores you have, there's only so much they can share tasks without the help of software. First, the operating system itself has to support "multithreading"; that is, assigning each processing core a chunk of a task.

The device manufacturer also gets into the game, adding some software layers to help the hardware and operating system communicate. I spoke to five experts in the course of preparing this article, and they all emphasized the need for the developers who actually program the apps and games to code with multithreaded execution in mind.

The problem, says Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft, is that writing code to take advantage of multiple processor cores makes writing apps much harder. Likewise, there's a lot more complexity in debugging apps when something goes wrong, a challenge that many app developers are reluctant to face. Gaming and video are two examples of many apps that can take advantage of multiple threads.

Video streams aren't easily broken down. According to Sullivan, video spools in a serial neken n5 quad core smartphone, it doesn't easily divide up for multiple cores to work on and then reconvene.

As a result, some tasks, like watching a video, will max out one of the cores while the other core or cores update apps in the background, pull in e-mail, and so on. Sullivan's take on video is up for debate. Chipmaker Nvidia claims that its Tegra 3 processor can efficiently make use of its multiple cores even if the apps themselves aren't threaded, and codecs do exist to thread video streams.

Either way, all signs point to even better core performance with apps that are specifically designed for multicore use. The car engine analogy was a favorite with the experts I spoke with for a very simplified way to explain what happens with power. More cylinders give you more engine power, neken n5 quad core smartphone, neken n5 quad core smartphone at the cost of guzzling gas. The smartphone's display, CPU that's the application processor we've been talking aboutand the cellular radio suck up the lion's share of the battery.

There's a Catch when it comes to performance. Faster CPUs let us accomplish more tasks in a shorter period of time -- neken n5 quad core smartphone images smoother, connecting to the Internet faster -- but they also demand more juice. Nvidia, however, points out that their chip's fifth smaller core fits into the analogy differently. The increased demand on the battery during times of high-level performance like streaming Internet video, for instance is exactly why system-level optimization is so important, said Frances Sideco, senior principal analyst of consumer and communications at the analyst firm IHS iSuppli.

Engineers on the manufacturing side can be smart about creating software that can help efficiently assign processor tasks, which in the end mitigates battery strain and could help make the battery-saving theory of quad-core neken n5 quad core smartphone reality where more chips each doing part of the work drain the battery more slowly.

Nvidia's Tegra 3, for instance, boasts system-level optimizations that can turn cores on and off depending on which tasks need to be done. On top of that, some chips will be inherently more efficient than others see myth No. Battery life is an ever-present issue, and the chip makers that can produce the neken n5 quad core smartphone battery-balanced systems will see slower battery drain for the same task.

I mean, it was really, really fast. HTC points to its own image processing chip. The more you can free up the application cores from having to perform certain resource-heavy tasks, the more they can focus on quickly updating your Facebook status and downloading a podcast.

That's why today's system-on-a-chip includes peripheral cores built around the ARM processor, like the graphics processing unit GPUany image processors like HTC's, video and audio units for encoding and decoding, and Flash processors. And guess what? The performance of these separate modules all add up to affect the entire system as a whole. Now that Windows Phone 8 OS enabled dual-core processing for phones like the Nokia Lumia and HTC Windows Phone 8Xthe point is no less important: we should evaluate performance based on real-life tasks, and not on theoretical benchmarks.

In the real world, said Microsoft's Sullivan, performance rests on how efficiently the operating system can manage tasks, period. One advantage that Sullivan points to is Windows Phone's behavior to suspend apps when you switch focus, rather than run them in the background and take up cycles and power to do so. Of course, Microsoft may sing a different tune now that it's shipping its own multicore phones, neken n5 quad core smartphone, though I suspect that Android phones will long be ahead in the game of processor one-upsmanship.

However, Microsoft's Sullivan isn't alone in his approach. Qualcomm's and Samsung's VPs, and the IHS iSuppli analyst I spoke with all echoed Sullivan's main sentiment, that the way the operating system manages threads of code and processes in general affects the phone's overall performance, no matter the number of cores.

Samsung's Nick DiCarlo has a strong opinion about chip performance benchmarks. He explained neken n5 quad core smartphone most processor performance tests measure dozens of elements of the chip, including subcategories of optimization.

Yet, 30 separate and highly specific measurements aren't often useful, especially when manufacturers have a range of chips to report on and compare. Aggregating the results with benchmark tools offers a shortcut. Diagnostic apps that calculate benchmark performance for the GPU, CPU, and browser can be neken n5 quad core smartphone indicators, but like all statistics, they're also ripe for manipulation. What's to come The rise of quad-core smartphones began in and will grow in for flagship phones.

They'll even start becoming mainstream, as chip makers like Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, neken n5 quad core smartphone, and others continue to aggressively push the release cycle and help market the processor as a larger part of the purchasing decision.

While I'm just as excited to see ever-faster chips lead to ever more powerful smartphones, it's worth remembering this: quad-core isn't automatically faster in every case, and more cores aren't always better. Smartphones Unlocked is a monthly column that dives deep into the inner workings of your trusty smartphone. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion, neken n5 quad core smartphone.

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Neken N5 Is A Quad Core Android Phone The big boys in the phone market better take a step back because the Neken N5 is a new player that is entering the smartphone industry. Boasting quality specifications that are enough to threaten any competitor, the Neken N5 smartphone comes at a surprisingly low bargain price.4/5(2). Neken N5 is another HTC Butterfly clone but with a higher spec and lower price! Next The No.1 mini Pad is an amazing iPad mini knockoff with quad-core HTC teases new smartphone with. Apr 20,  · Indigi G+ Smartphone with Inch x pixels screen, equipped with, MT, Cortex A7 quad core, GHz processor, MB RAM and 4GB ROM, with dual cameras (MP with flash and AF camera and MP front camera), supports GSM+WCDMA networks. Indigi G+ Smartphone runs Android x operating system. The product is high quality but low price/5(2).