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Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch. Info Photos News Forum 90 Reviews. Phone Scoop Review. Sep 15, by Eric M. Zeman -Great battery life for a large smartphone-Very colorful and easy to. Get the best deal for Cell Phone Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S II from the largest online selection at nqorrebros.cf Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. Aug 07,  · Samsung uses the latest Lithium Ion battery technology giving you the best performance possible. Lithium Ion batteries are designed specifically for your Samsung Galaxy II Epic Touch 4G D and Samsung Galaxy S II R phone models to deliver the most reliable and long lasting power/5(K).

Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch Reviews (Phone Scoop)

But as the proverbial saying goes, it's better late than never, right? The Galaxy S, its predecessor with myriad chassis selections and carrier variants, is still selling like hotcakes all over the world, and the sequel is no lightweight figuratively either -- selling three million units in 55 days only seems to be rivaled by a company based out of Cupertino -- and for good reason.

We gave the unlocked version high marks for its excellent performance, samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life, gorgeous display and top-of-the-line camera, so it was only natural that we'd spend the next four months wondering when we'd see the powerhouse make it Stateside. So how does the landmark phone stand up to not only the test of time but several carrier-specific design changes?

Are Sprint customers getting a "tainted" version of Sammy's flagship Android device? These questions have been pondered for months, and we finally have the answers if you keep on reading. Hardware If it ain't broke, why fix it? The original Galaxy S II earned one of our best review scores, topped our back to school guide and recently earned a mention in our smartphone buyer's guide for the second time in a row. Add in the stellar sales samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life we mentioned earlier, samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life, and Samsung has surely found success in its top dog.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Sprint mixed in the same secret sauce into its version of the worldwide hit handset, samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life, called the Epic 4G Touch. Whereas the phone's predecessor, the Samsung Epic 4G, was a radical change in look, feel and design from its global counterpart -- Sprint samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life a mediocre QWERTY keyboard on its version of the Galaxy S, for crying out loud -- this one fortunately doesn't depart far from the original design.

Still, there's no mistaking the latter over the former, as the latest Epic found plenty of ways to not just stand out but enhance the global GSII. As preposterous as it may sound that an already wonderful phone may have been improved upon by a carrierwe think Sprint's variant may have done just that: beefing up the screen, adding an LED notification light, using a larger battery and adding a couple capacitive touchscreen buttons could indeed make the phone even more desirable than it already is, as painful as it may feel to admit it.

Such enhancements are also likely responsible in part for the phone's extra heft. The Epic weighs in at 4. This may be a letdown for anyone who absolutely must have the thinnest phone -- the original comes close behind the 7. An adjustment that'll definitely get noticed, though, samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life the Epic's bump in display size to 4.

Adding a whole four mm to its width, the device doesn't feel much wider in our hands when compared to the original, contrary to our darkest fears; in fact, it nestles in our average-sized mitts quite comfortably, though we can definitely understand that anyone with more petite palms may not experience the same type of luck.

Also sure to get some attention is the usual change in navigation buttons, with all three US models opting to use four capacitive touchscreen buttons here instead of the global's three-button layout consisting of a physical home key in between the capacitive menu and back buttons.

The fourth button, missing entirely on the original, is the search key. Frankly, we were expecting to see this layout on the domestic versions -- the first Galaxy S phones launched in the US last year opted for the same setup, not to mention that devices launched in the US seldom depart from this four-button system.

Sorry folks, if you loathe the search key that much, it appears that your only choice is the unlocked version. And before we forget, the inclusion of an LED notification light -- not present in the original -- is a minor yet very welcome change, allowing us to quickly see that we have a new message awaiting us.

There are a couple other obvious adjustments that had to be made underneath the battery cover as well; since the Epic 4G Touch is a CDMA-based phone with no global GSM roaming capabilities a point that may dissuade international travelers from choosing itthe SIM card slot is notably missing and the microSD port has slid over to take its place. We love Sprint's decision to go with the same textured battery cover that serves well to protect the back of the phone from dings, fingerprints and scratches, but unfortunately the number of revolutionary changes in the global's flimsy plastic material can be counted without raising a single finger.

You'd best be protecting your crown jewel if you're a clumsy dropaholic, because we could painfully envision it smashing into little pieces in slow-motion, of course when coming into contact with a tough-as-nails concrete floor. The Epic 4G Touch also retains the signature bump just below the battery cover -- for better or worse -- and doesn't deviate in its size. Moving around the phone, we also see the same 3. Contrary to the original Galaxy S series, this particular port lacks the clever sliding door to keep dust and moisture out while the phone isn't charging, which was a small disappointment.

Underneath the hood, Samsung and Sprint have kept the Epic true to its fraternal twin's roots, retaining the top-of-the-class 1. It features the same 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front-facing cam; the Epic also has 16GB of built-in storage and its included microSD port is capable of extending that capacity out to 48GB. Display We were rather bold in the original Galaxy S II review by stating that the device's display was spectacular enough to rival the iPhone 4's Retina Display -- say what you will about Apple's month old flagship, that's still no easy feat to match.

Head over to our Galaxy S II review, where we go into excruciating detail on why this is so. Suffice it to say for this review, the Epic 4G Touch doesn't disappoint in its display either. We say this with just a smidge of surprise, since it made the screen even larger but yet used the same WVGA x resolution. The pixel density is obviously lower in this case, as there's more screen space to pack the same number of pixels in. To our delight, however, the Epic's display looked just as beautiful in spite of the size difference.

This was great news to us, since we were able to enjoy the same viewing experience and do so with more real estate on the screen. And what's better, we took the phone outside in the middle of a sunny day and were still able to see the screen clearly, samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life, despite being exposed to direct sunlight. The G2x, which has a higher pixel density by nature of its 4-inch display, still appeared dimmer and more pixelated. Buyer's Guide.

Log in. Sign up. Moog's semi-modular Matriarch synth is shipping now. Google's 'Play Pass' for Android is coming soon. Google Docs now displays the word count as you type. Latest Reviews. See all articles. Latest in 4g. Image credit:, samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life. Sponsored Links, samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life.

Samsung's Q3 overall profit falls despite incredible phone sales. Cons No global roamingQuestionable build material. We want to hear what you think. Post a quick review now to join the conversation! Write a review. Unless you use the front-facing camera often, this probably won't make a huge difference since the primary enhancement in the update is the inclusion of gTalk video chat. TouchWiz 4. We've never kept our opinions about Android skins a secretbut Samsung's flavor does have its share of positive points, such as the extensive customizations and motion controls integrated into the skin.

For more specific details on TouchWiz 4. The FM radio is conspicuously missing in this model. Not missing? Why, the bloatware, of course! We know that preloaded apps that are impossible to uninstall may be enough to turn bloatware haters away, but it's actually not so bad this time around -- a few of the multimedia-based apps can be uninstalled, such as NASCAR, Sprint Movies and TV and Sprint Radio, not to mention one customization in TouchWiz that we deeply appreciate is the ability to add folders within the app menu itself.

This means we were able to tuck away all of the unwanted programs into their own depository and keep them completely out of sight. We doubt this is exactly what Sprint was talking about when it expressed a desire to scale down its bloatwarebut hiding the apps is definitely a step in the right direction. Three of the four Samsung Hubs found on the original Galaxy S II have gone the way of the dodo, with the Social Hub remaining as the sole survivor and now being accompanied by a Media Hub that gives you the chance to buy or rent various movies and TV shows.

Samsung and Sprint must've agreed with our original assessment of the Hubs, in which we surmised that they were all a waste of time since we could get to the same content via other means.

We also appreciated the inclusion of Kies Air, which uses local WiFi connections to let you sync all of your pictures, ringtones, text messages, videos and music to your desktop or laptop. Upon entering the app, you're asked to open your preferred internet browser and type in a specific URL to establish the link between the two devices. Once you're in, you can peruse and download all of your phone's content through the browser. Likewise, uploading multimedia to your handset is incredibly easy.

Services similar to Kies Air can be found in the Android Market Kudos to Sammy for setting a precedent by offering a feature that should be free in every smartphone. Speaking of shutters, the phone's lack of a dedicated camera button may be disappointing, but at least Samsung makes up for it with a killer shutter button that samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life a double-detent focus. Pressing it will lock in the focus and exposure, and the image is taken as soon as you lift your finger off the trigger.

Just like any double-detent camera, this gives us the ability to snap pictures at a moment's notice, increasing the likelihood of capturing a child or pet in the act of something cute or at least not blinking.

The fact that the exposure is locked in is an impressive feature few other phones have; oftentimes we run into issues snapping images of the sunset because phones like to automatically adjust the exposure, causing the picture to turn out incredibly samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life. By pointing the samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch battery life away from the sunset allowing the exposure to adjust to the low light rather than the direct sunlocking in the exposure and then turning it back to our intended target, our images turned out much brighter.

We took some truly beautiful images with the Epic 4G Touch at full resolution, thanks to the plethora of various camera settings available: ISO, metering, focus modes, panoramic shots and other shooting modes were all graciously included. We had a lot of fun using the macro mode, which allowed us to take some amazing shots from different perspectives that we just haven't been able to do from very many other phones.

Our images of flowers, grass, and even wheat fields turned out more finely detailed than we were expecting. Additionally, the overpowered LED flash on the device completely wowed us; not only did it take incredibly bright images in the dark, it also knew when to use the flash when taking the image and when to use it just to set the focus.

As mentioned in the original review, the only real concern with the Epic's sensor is the fact that it uses a narrow dynamic range, causing a large contrast between well-lit and dark areas and creating blown-out highlights or deep shadows. We only ran into this problem occasionally -- such as when taking images around sunrise or sunset -- so the pros in this camera certainly trounce the bad by a long shot.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Android smartphone. Announced Aug Features ″ Super AMOLED Plus display, Exynos Dual chipset, 8 MP primary camera, 2 MP front camera, mAh Reviews: Feb 07,  · Original OEM Battery, Not generic battery! Compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch D CDMA It is recommended to fully drain and fully charge the battery especially during the first 3 charging and discharging cycles, doing so may greatly improve the overall life of the battery/5(K). Get the best deal for Cell Phone Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S II from the largest online selection at nqorrebros.cf Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items.